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Fastener Solutions
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GRABBER is a leading distributor of quality products built for construction professionals. For this market, quality is everything. Products must be 100% reliable and durable to meet the demands of an increasingly fast-paced and productivity-minded profession.
The construction industry rewards innovations that achieve real gains in efficiency, performance, and job quality. All GRABBER products must meet this high standard of excellence. We engineer them to be superior to all other products in their class.
Our core line of products includes screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications. GRABBER screws are regarded as the best in the industry, punctuated by the fact that our competitors have had to duplicate our designs. GRABBER manufactures or distributes many other product lines for the commercial and residential construction industries as well, including proprietary construction equipment, drywall tools and materials, power drives, adhesives, and accessories.

Grabber Construction Product’s mission is to invest in mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our employees, customers, vendors and communities in which we do business.

Grabber Construction Products will be known by partners and customers for providing un-matched customer service and best in-class building construction products.

Exceed Expectations - Always do more than the customer expects.
Safety - Profit and speed will not be sacrificed for personal safety or the safety of others.
Service - Work with an attitude of serving others both customers and employees.
Innovation - Continually evaluate and challenge existing practices.
Integrity - Our word is our bond with customers and employees.

GRABBER products enable you to…
1. Save Time. GRABBER understands that every minute you spend messing with tools and materials is time that could have been spent completing a project. Every one of our products is built for reliability, durability, and speed. Because we don't think tools should slow you down.
2. Improve Job Quality. Quality tools and materials have a direct impact on job quality. All GRABBER products are tested and retested to meet rigorous performance standards. As a result, joints hold stronger, decks look nicer, drywall has a better finish, and we let you take all the credit.
3. Do More. GRABBER products are engineered from the ground up with the needs of construction professionals in mind. They're designed to do a job quickly with consistent results. By the end of working day, don't be surprised to find you got a lot more done than you expected.
If it's worth building, it's worth GRABBER.
Our Commitment to You
1. We treat all customers and vendors with respect
2. We provide consistent value in our products and services
3. We help our customers and vendors build their businesses
4. We bring integrity and ethics to all our business relations