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Fastener Solutions

New UltraPro™ Wood Screw—The Ultimate Wood-to-Wood Fastener
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New UltraPro™ Wood Screw—The Ultimate Wood-to-Wood Fastener
Highland, UT — March 13, 2019 Grabber is well known for professional quality fasteners. But the new Grabber UltraPro™ wood screw creates an entirely new category standard. Developed to be the best-performing wood screw on the market, the UltraPro™ wood screw outmatches all other competitive fasteners.

Grabber engineers identified six characteristics that set apart top-rated fasteners in the industry, then went to work designing the ultimate multi-purpose wood screw. As a result, the UltraPro wood screw tests best-in-class in each of these criteria:
- Ease and speed of driving
- Ability to draw wood members together
- Flush seating
- Shear strength
- Corrosion resistance
- Exterior and interior options
- Fastest Drive Time Available!

Professionals and DIY-ers Love the Performance
From the moment they start to drive, people notice the difference in how the UltraPro™ wood screw makes the job easier. Featuring the proprietary Grabber LOX® recess, the UltraPro screw has eight points of contact with the drill bit (star recess has only six). LOX® recess precision fit not only helps prevent cam-outs, it keeps a user from fumbling with wobbling screws and enables one-handed driving in tight spaces.

The QuickGrab™ type 17 point helps the UltraPro™ fastener start immediately into wood with no pre-drilling. Then, the lower UltraCut™ threads clean out wood material. This reduces the pressure needed to keep the screw engaged, and complete the drive faster and more cleanly.

Because some screws have just one type of thread, wood members are often forced apart when the fastener engages with the second wood member. However, the UltraPro™ wood screw features a clear shank above its UltraCut™ threads, followed by finer DrawTite™ threads which actually draw the two members of wood together. This results in a tighter, more accurate connection that adds to a project’s strength and durability. 

Smoother, Stronger Projects
UltraPro™ wood screws start—and finish—with speed and precision. The Scavenger II™ head features a spiral underhead design that self-countersinks. It seats clean and flush leaving a flat, smooth surface—even in the hardest woods. Unlike other screws, the UltraPro™ wood screw can also be placed as close as 3/8” inch from an edge without the wood splitting. The result is a more attractive, flat, professional-looking finish.

The fastener’s performance isn’t just on the surface, either. The UltraPro™ wood screw matches or outperforms comparable fasteners in lateral resistance holding, bending yield, and shear strength.

Available in nine fastener lengths, from 1-1/4 inches to 5 inches, UltraPro™ wood screws are ideal for interior and exterior projects. Yellow zinc interior screws are a fast-installing option with greater holding power than nails for framing, anchoring, roof sheeting, subfloors, and more. Exterior projects like decking, fascia, brick mold, and fencing benefit from the proprietary GrabberGard® coating, which has a 1500-hour salt spray rating and lifetime warranty against corrosion.
Another Innovation from Grabber
Grabber UltraPro™ wood screws are one more professional-grade innovation from Grabber Construction Products, an international distributor of quality products for construction professionals. The Grabber family of products includes premium fasteners and fastening systems for wood, metal and drywall applications in the commercial and residential construction markets. Grabber also distributes a wide range of proprietary tools, accessories, equipment, and building materials to the construction industry.

Download complete product details about UltraPro™ wood screws at Or to request more information about Grabber solutions, contact or call 800-477-TURN (8876).